How I Dropped Islam & Christianity To Believe In No Religion, Nigerian Transgender Noni Salma (Formerly Habeeb Lawal)Tells Her Story

Noni Salma is one of the best known Nigerian transgenders and in an update on her Facebook page, she explained how she eventually lost interest in religion, she wrote:

In 2015, I did wake up one morning and I was done with religion. Growing up in a muslim family, I always never connected to that doctrine. I could see beneath it all. How the leaders would preach love in one breath and hate, venom in another. How people cared so much about making heaven than actually being a good person. I leaned to christianity. It was more appealing. I loved the worship songs and I did find a home for a while. But I would soon find out that they aren’t really any different.

I know that religion means a lot to some people and I respect that. But I just got to a point where I would go to church and roll my eyes all through the sermon. I know some really kind and compassionate christians like my friends, Oma, Ebbe and even Leonard (oga khami) but sadly they are in the minority. And I see the love in the eyes but I think they practice a different kind of christianity. One that challenges christianity itself. But I was done, way past the point of pretending I had faith in the word, in the church. It became the most oppressive place I would ever go. And I find it hard to understand how people can love a God they haven’t seen but can’t love people they see everyday. So I went through my crisis of faith and came out of it renewed. The moment I let go of it all, I stopped loathing myself. I started loving people more and accepting myself.

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