If A Woman Uses Sex Toys Too Often, She Can Become A Lesbian Says Yoruba Actress Adediwura ‘Blarkgold’ Adesegha

Black, beautiful and unquestionably bold Yoruba actress, Adediwura ‘Blarkgold’ Adesegha, mother of one, is a highly liberated woman who can discuss any topic under the sun, without batting an eyelid. She’s so free that she talks about sex like the weather. One of her thoughts is that sex shouldn’t be such a sacred thing.

 “Sex is a free style, it depends on one’s opinion. If you are an adult why shouldn’t you have it? It has to do with the individual. It is not something to be discussed generally. My own view about sex is enjoying yourself. If I feel like having it, I will. If I don’t feel like,then I keep to myself.  I can decide to have it Monday to Friday, if I have the strength and if the man is there for me and I think my power can handle everyday sex .It depends on what  I want at that moment,” she once told Potpourri in a chat.

But it seems when it comes to a woman falling for sex toys instead of the real thing, the actress has some certain reservations about it.

“Actually, I do hear girls discuss it,” she said, when she was asked if it is okay for a woman to use sex toys.

“I hear them discussing it that when one is addicted to such there’s high possibility of becoming a lesbian. On the other  hand, I hear guys have their own sex toys too. Do they? Please answer me too”. Case dismissed. -VANGUARD

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