If I Did Not Have A Conscience, I Would Become A Nigerian Pastor Collecting Money From Poor Widows To Buy Jets And Waste On Mistresses Says Dr. Ijabla Raymond

Dr. Ijabla Raymond wrote:

If I were conscienceless, I’d become a Nigerian pastor.

I would collect money (tithes and offerings) from widows, pensioners, students, the unemployed, and every impoverished person.

I would use the money to buy myself a private jet to take care of my business around the world.

I would own houses and properties around the world.

I would gift my mistresses posh cars, expensive houses, gold and jewellery. I will give them a lot of money – sufficient to educate a poor Nigerian child or pay the mortgage of a family.

And if anyone demands accountability, I would threaten them with the bible verse that says: “Touch not my anointed. Do my prophet no harm.”

And if they wonder why their life is a mess, I would tell them to blame the witches and wizards in their families by which I mean their aged parents or grandparents.

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