“My Boyfriend Is Very Strange, He Breaks Bottle On His Head At The Slightest Provocation, And I Am Cheating On Him With His Younger Brother”, Scared Lady Cries Out

A lady who has gotten fed up with her boyfriend’s very weird manners, has cried out for help on social media.

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The young lady shared her story on break_or_makeup, telling stunned readers about her boyfriend.
According to her, she has a lover who is really strange. The man is fond of breaking bottles on his head whenever he gets provoked.
In fact, whenever he does not see a bottle closeby, he will rush and get a glass cup to break on his head.
She revealed that the man proposed to her recently but she refused to accept it because she felt one day the bottle may land on her own head. When she turned him down, the man rushed into the kitchen and began to break many things on his head. This got her really scared.
Now she is seeking for a way out of her misery.
Below is how she told the story:


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