The Months Of The Yoruba Calendar (Awon Oshu Tabi OṢU KṒJṒDÁ)

★The Months Of The Yoruba Calendar ( (Awon Oshu tabi OṢU KṒJṒDÁ)

According to the calendar of the Yoruba, this is year 10,059 (2017 AD). The Yoruba calendar (“KṒJṒDÁ”- ‘Ki ṓjṓ dá: may the day be clear(ly foreseen), calendar’) starts from the 3rd of June and ends on the 2nd of June the following year. Yorubas are found in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Barbados and many other parts of the world.

The following are the months of the Yoruba calendar (check your month):

1. ṠḔRḔ -January
2. ÈRÉLE (Irele) -February
3. ḔRḔNA -March
4. IGBE -April
5. ḔBÍBÍ -May
6. ÒKÙDÚ -June
7. AGḖMṐ (Agẹmọ) -July
8. ÒGÚN -August
9. OWḖRḖ (Owewe) -September
10. ṐWARO (Owara) -October
11. BḔLU (Bẹlu) -November
12. ṐPḖ (Ọpẹ) -December

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