Who Remembers When Professor Yemi Osinbajo Was Jumping Molue To Molue Promising Heaven And Earth During 2015 Election Campaigns?

I am recording all of Buhari’s promises now. This one that Professor Osinbajo is running around like a squirrel that an Ogbomoso hunter is chasing jumping from BRT to Ikenne saying they will create 720,000 jobs within the first year of office and that there will be free food for all Nigerian kids under their government. It is sweeting them now as they are making all the promises.

I will start monitoring from that food own and you know why. Sonponna help you make Nigerian kids no get the free food you are promising now. General Buhari and his Kuntakinte Professor, you are all jumping around now promising heaven and hell, we are recording because Goody Goody also promised more than that although we still don’t know where he built the Second Niger Bridge, maybe he built it in heaven we don’t know. I just pray that when the time comes, Buhari and his people should start telling us stories by moonlight. Na that time you go know that zobo is not the same with cranberry juice, na resemble dem resemble. We will throw Lagbaja into Kirikiri and fling Tamedo into Agodi. Be using mouth to cook vegetable now you hia. Nigeria, that’s all I care about. A nation worthy of living, where citizens live decently and with dignity. Shikena. But wait o, that free food policy no go reach the side of we adults ni?  – Abiyamo, 11th January, 2015. 

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